Do you need to fine tune your use of LinkedIn?

  Should you update your headline? Check out the look and words of a newspaper headline.  It is designed to help sell newspapers and get readers to at least scan the article.  Your LinkedIn headline serves the same purpose.  It helps you be found, favorably communicate what you do and why someone should care. Here’s […]

Can you recover from a bad interview?

  A few weeks ago, I was seated at one of 30 or more tables at a large event waiting for a conference session to begin.  A lovely woman selected the seat beside me, we began to chat and she asked what I did.  I explain I help talented professionals land the job they want […]

Currently unemployed and being screened out?

  No doubt you have heard all the conversations about companies who screen out those who are currently unemployed. Some employers or hiring managers don’t call or interview people with a status of “unemployed”.  Yes, your résumé might be screened out in this way.  In fact New Jersey now has a law that will fine […]