ACTion Plan™ – turning plans into action

So we have the plan…now what? Knowing what to do and doing it are two unique steps.

You have your vision. You have the plan. The key to maximizing return on these efforts is execution. Many retail professionals develop plans that are difficult to implement because the tactics cannot be integrated into the day-to-day business operations. Missed steps in execution can short circuit the best of plans. We work with clients to ensure this critical step receives the attention necessary to maximize results.

“The true bottom line for any company is financial results. Each of the participant’s districts in the Management Development Process class has increased the bottom line over and above their previous results. The results began to improve even as early as the second class and have continued in the months since. As for myself, someone once told me if I took this class and put into practice what I learned, it would change my life. I am a believer.” – James Couperthwaite, Region VP

The first step is ensuring the action plan is aligned with the business vision and strategies. Next, action steps are used to define goals. Goals are the guideposts by which success can be measured. Then, we provide guidance to help you establish processes, leadership. and discipline to tracking progress against goals. A structured review process is established to keep your business plan “alive” by focusing on tracking progress against Critical Success Factors, Goals, and Action Steps identified in your business planning process. When retail units and individuals begin to achieve their distinctive desired results, businesses prosper, opportunities flourish, and individuals gain confidence and amazing results.

“Cindy Key guided me and my business through an exceptionally well orchestrated planning and development process that has had a direct and measurably positive impact on our bottom line. Revenues have increased by more than 25%; new business development has continued to grow as we have implemented action plans developed with Cindy’s assistance.” – Scott K. Lyons, Business Owner

“This training process is different. I could see impact in a short period of time. Further, the improvements lasted well beyond the last meeting. Employees’ habits and attitudes have changed for the better. The improved results and productivity more than justified the investment.” – Mark Andrew, VP