Accelerate Your Search™ Boot Camp for Retail Executives

Cindy Key periodically offers this proven program in a group format. To ensure you have everything you need to rapidly land the job you want at the salary you deserve, this six-week program will take you through the key components:

1. Assess

  • Leverage a powerful combination of personal branding and career marketing techniques
  • Assess yours skills, experience, knowledge, strengths, interests, and the environments in which you excel
  • Clarify your vision and goals
  • Create a competitive advantage now (your action plan, your marketing plan, and your marketing materials)

2. Plan

  • Establish a search schedule and completion date
  • Launch your marketing campaign
  • Engage your network and connect with opportunities
  • Research invisible opportunities
  • Ask questions
  • Target specific employers

3. Execute

  • Effectively take action each and every day
  • Put metrics in place to evaluate your progress

“Before I started Boot Camp with you my job search had no focus or plan and I felt like I was on my own. Some days the job search feels like being in a fight. Having a coach like Cindy Key in your corner will make you stand out from the competition. If you want to save time and reduce the frustrating false starts in the search for your next position start working with Cindy Key today.” – WC Potter

“Cindy Key’s Boot Camp has given me the tools and the confidence to proactively and much more effectively go after what I want in a job, and to find the places that need my skills rather than wait for those employers to post a position to fill their need. No other coaching or networking experience that I have had has been as helpful in so short a time. For the first time I feel like I am now in full control of my job search, targeting companies I want to work for, finding ways to research them, and ultimately learning how to contact those who have the power to create a position and hire me to solve the problems that I enjoy addressing. Thank you, Cindy!” – Mike Chase

“I was a lot more Unfocused on my career search. Bootcamp really helped me to KNOW what I want and focus on that – NOT just what I know I can do. Will I be happy with just anything? NO It revitalized me as well and has taught me how to research companies, etc. It has also taught me how to ‘brand’ myself and try to make an impression on people so they remember me. All I can say is that I found this to be extremely beneficial. It truly helped me to understand that I have the ability to ‘unlock’ my potential and get it out there for the benefit of the rest of the world! It gave me the confidence to propel forward, and I really did learn so much about myself along the way – and I keep learning!” – Cheryl Santarelli Account Management/Client Relationship Management, MBA

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