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Frequent Keynote Topics

Unlock the Potential of your Retail Executive Brand for Reward,
Relationships, and Revenues
Keynote Certified by Reach Personal Branding
Personal branding is one of today’s hottest career strategy topics and an essential tool for thriving in today’s work environment. In this presentation, Cindy takes you through Reach’s three-step personal branding process so that you can learn the secrets of building and communicating your winning personal brand. This inspiring presentation is ideal for customer-facing employees and retail managers. It enables them to increase their confidence and use their innate strengths to build strong and enduring relationships.

Accelerate Your Search™. ~ Land the Job you Want in record time WITHOUT all the frustration!
Assess where you are, plan the road to success, and execute and evaluate. A proven process and the right tools can make a difference in the road ahead! Landing the job you want is rarely a straight road. However, with the right information you can navigate with speed and grace. Audiences will learn to accelerate the turns with actionable tips to clarify vision and career goals, stop wasting time and energy, build a compelling marketing plan, target the best employers for the salary deserved, sustain professional success, and maintain fun and balance in life.

Plan B
You’ve been searching for 6-12 months and now think you need to go to Plan B. Think again. You need a new Plan A, and Cindy will show you how to get refocused on what you should be doing to …

Networking Strategies that work for your 7/24/365 World

  • Did you spend more time last year planning a two-week vacation than your next career move?
  • Do you have a head down, tail up approach to building and maintaining important relationships?
  • What does not networking cost you?

You could be bleeding $600 per day when your salary is $150,000. Learn how to build and maintain relationships that will help you propel your next career move without wasting time at events you don’t enjoy with people you don’t like. You can create networking strategies that work to sustain professional success without sacrificing fun or family time in your busy week.

Why Is It Difficult to Connect & Get Real Help in a Job Search? ~ 3 Things You Must Know & Do

  • Do you work and work at connecting in your job search?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to get the help or information you really need to move forward?
  • Do you wish that someone would finally provide practical steps to help you connect without pushing so hard?

Many people are very good at their trade, but lack specific know-how for consistently connecting with the “right” people. There are keys to connecting and getting the real help you want and need as you create your next job opportunity. You’ll learn why connecting can be difficult, how to avoid common mistakes, how to get people to want to help you, and simple actions to break down barriers.

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